Our training and development solutions are tailored according to your business requirements and are in sync with your employee's needs.

Our Technical training methods are a combination of both instructor-led and subscription-based services.

With our portfolio which is based directly on field requirements and reducing delivery time. We have fine-tuned our training solutions over the years to vastly improve cost and efficiency. Our multi-vendor hardware maintenance, network field operations, and other professional education services give you the opportunity to make your work environment more productive, proactive and proficient.

Why Us?

Unique Methodology

Our Behavior/Technical training methodology is closely related to Ice-berg model of human behavior where the idea of training is - "In order to influence the behavior of an individual you must challenge their beliefs". Apart from this, we also consider certain aspects to increase the overall performance of the program with our knowledge, that is comprised with:

  • Experience of the participants
  • Skills required to be trained
  • Duration of training
  • Assessment patterns
  • Post-training mapping

Cost-effective Solutions

Whether you are an SME or a Multi-national group, we can offer IT and behavioral training according to your requirement and that too within your budget. We have several training modules with us: You can opt for work–readiness under new employees programs, or the skill updation, else a specific project preparatory training program.

Once you share your requirements with us, one of our L&D team members will analyze your training needs and suggest a custom designed training module in accordance to your needs, objectives with cost estimates. We are here to work with you on a continuous basis.

Experienced and Certified Trainers

We have experienced and certified trainers on various technologies like Oracle, Java, Linux, SAP, Microsoft etc, with their training experience ranging from 4 -10 years.

Customized Training Programs

Our training modules are customized according to the needs of your business. For enhanced effectiveness, we have developed object-centric training sessions. They are more comprehensive as compared to the simple academic or any other professional training modules.

It would be our pleasure to meet and talk to you about the Training needs. Connect with us at info@indinnovation.com or call on 1800-3000-2081

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